Autism And Vision Are Correlated And A Behavioural Optometrist Can Help You With That

What Is Autism? It is a multifaceted neurotic behavioral condition which will have repercussions like social interaction impairments, setbacks in language and communication skills, rigid and repetitive behaviors. The condition is now known as ASD or autism spectrum disorder as it contains a huge range of symptoms and impairs various levels of development in the life. The patient will be left with permanent disability that could be devastating and will require institutional care. Autism and vision are correlated as the condition may impair vision and erect barriers in normal communication and coordination skills in a growing child. Such incidents must be noticed and referred to proper medical care such as vision therapy.
images5If your child has the ASD that it may have difficulty in communicating as he or she cannot understand what people around them think and feel. So it makes it difficult for them to find the right kind of expression which they should convey through words, facial expressions, touch and gestures. The condition may subject the child to high levels of sensitivity to touch, sound, sights and smells but may not look abnormal to other people. The autistic children may possess stereotype movements in the body that are repetitive, unusual response, rigid resistance to changes, and violent behavior to situations sometimes resulting in injuries. The affected children may seem to be unaware of things happening around them and might develop conditions like seizures. An autism and vision clinic would be able to help with the children suffering from this life affecting setback and it will be a better advice for you if you notice these symptoms in your children.

Development and social life of the children can be tampered due to the ASD condition and may have it throughout their life span if the condition is not rehabilitated. Behavioral Optometric therapy is one avenue which can improve things for them as autism and vision go together. Dr. Juanita Collier specializing in the Optometric and Vision Therapy can help you as she is a qualified and experienced Behavioral Optometrist and you can contact her on 860-632-UC4D (8243) or forward your children’ condition to to get instant response.


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